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Employee’s Failure to Pursue Rights in Workers’ Compensation Court Precludes a Civil Suit for Failure to Accommodate under the ADA and LAD

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As practitioners well know, many ADA law suits begin with a workers’ compensation injury.  But where is the line between an issue that must be handled in workers’ compensation and one that can be brought in civil court?  That was the issue that the New Jersey Supreme Court decided on March 25, 2019 in Caraballo […]

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Employer May Have Violated Both The ADA and FMLA Regarding Plaintiff’s Knee Injury Arising Out Of His Employment

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Skilled practitioners know they must keep an eye on potential employment litigation stemming from workers’ compensation claims.  The case of Dallefeld v. The Clubs at River City, Inc., 2017 AD Cases 244151 (D. Illinois 2017) provides a good illustration. Jason Dallefeld was the Director of Membership Sales, providing tours, selling memberships, and making sure other […]

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Federal Court Upholds Employer’s Six Month Leave Policy for Work-Related Injuries

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Federal Court Upholds Employer’s Six Month Leave Policy for Work-Related Injuries

The case of Billups v. Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, 33 AD Cases 1312 (11th Cir. October 26, 2017) presented a challenge by an injured employee to his company’s six month limitation of leave. Mr. Billups injured his shoulder on December 18, 2013 doing his work as a Utility Service Technician II. He felt a pop […]

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Court Finds Herniated Disc Condition Meets Test of Disability under ADAAA

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Anthony Mazzeo provided technical and sales services to customers in Florida and southern Georgia for Color Resolutions International LLC.  He was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his low back in 2007.  His employer was aware of his condition.  Between January and March 2009 Mazzeo had three discussions with his supervisor regarding possible back surgery […]

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