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Court Finds That Severe Neck Pathology Was Not Due To Occupational Activities But Rather To The Natural Aging Process

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Lois Scafuri filed three workers’ compensation claims alleging occupational exposures as a sales assistant caused her severe neck pathology.  She worked at the Short Hills Mall for two employers: Sisley Cosmetics and Neiman Marcus Group.  She later worked for Bloomingdale’s/Macy’s in the same capacity.  All three employers denied her claims asserting that her neck pathology […]

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Occupational Back Claim Is Held To Be Time Barred And Alleged Subsequent Work Injury Is Defeated By Medical Records Showing An Injury At Home Immediately Prior To Cessation Of Work

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James Graf worked from 1982 to December 2002 refinishing wood floors.  He had a physical job.  He operated a 230-pound sander, a 50-pound edging machine, and a radiator sander.  He would remove pieces of heavy equipment from his employer’s van and carry the equipment up the stairs to the work location.  He also stained sanded […]

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