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Section 20 Settlements Versus Orders Approving Settlement

Practical Advice in New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Our clients often ask great questions regarding settlements in New Jersey workers’ compensation, particularly regarding the two types of settlements (Orders Approving Settlement, and Section 20/full and final), and the differences between them.  This post provides examples of scenarios where an argument can be made for a Section […]

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Advice To Employers In Dealing With Complex TTD Scenarios

By on April 28, 2022 in Practical Advice with 1 Comment

Practical Advice in New Jersey Workers’ Compensation The general rule is that an injured worker is entitled to TTD for the time frame that the authorized treating doctor placed the employee out of work. Pursuant to Monaco v. Albert Maund, Inc., 17 N.J.  Super. 425 (App. Div.), 21 N.J. Super. 443 (App. Div. 1952), generally, […]

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When Is A Commute To A Job Site Covered For Workers’ Comp Purposes?

By on May 25, 2017 in Policy with 0 Comments

Don Drysdale, a skilled carpenter, works for Craftsmen Trades and seldom goes to the company office in Mt. Laurel, N.J.  He generally spends weeks or even months working at major job sites.  On May 1, 2017 he drives his personal vehicle from his home in Cherry Hill, N.J. to a job site in Woodbridge, N.J. […]

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EEOC Guidelines on Unpaid Leave Complicate Matters for Employers

By on August 30, 2016 in EEOC with 0 Comments

The new EEOC Guidance issued on May 9, 2016 upsets many of the assumptions employers routinely make in regard to leaves of absence.  The EEOC states, “An employer must consider providing unpaid leave to an employee with a disability as a reasonable accommodation if the employee requires it, and so long as it does not […]

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